Without exception all personal trainers and trainers who work for FITSEVENELEVEN are certified as physiotherapist, fitness trainer (bachelor of arts) or have a coaching license level 4 with EQF standard. This combines profound knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics with training sciences. To make sure that our personal trainers meet the FITSEVENELEVEN standards, they have to pass an individual quality test and are put through their paces. Regardless of what kind of goals and whishes you have, we have got the right partner in our portfolio. Chose one of our licensed trainers and write your own success story!


Regardless of reducing weight, gaining weight or keeping weight, your personal trainer will make sure that the training methods will be adapted to your personal needs. Do you have a special request? Do you want to increase your performance in your field of sport? May be you just want to sleep better at night? No problem. On our homepage or on the PT-terminals of our body clubs all the competences and disciplines of each personal trainer are listed. You are still insecure about whom to chose? Just let us know, so we can help:

Mode of payment

All personal trainers are free lancers and not employees of FITSEVENELEVEN. As the personal trainer and you will enter into an agreement privately, also will be the price negotiated between you and the trainer. So, the personal training is not part of your membership subscription.


Trainers the people you love to hate.


Personal training with FITSEVENELEVEN means to be part of the community. It is easy to give training sessions but difficult to promote them on your own. Besides the newest devices and equipment by Gym80, Hold Strong und Hammerstrength for example, we offer you support in the areas of marketing, sales and training. Interested in finding out more? Send your application with qualifications to: